Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ask and You Shall Receive...a FREEBIE!!

Remember when I posted about how I use Class Dojo in my classroom and I shared my Class Dojo Rewards Menu (pictured above)? Well if you don't, you can find that post HERE.

Well anyways, my pin of my Class Dojo Rewards Menu BLEW UP! At least, that's blowing up to me. See below:
Well since that post, I have had TONS of requests to make it editable. Ask and you shall receive, people! I finally got a free minute to make an editable version of my rewards menu! And I'm going to give it to you FOR FREEEEEEE!!!

In this freebie, I offer you two varieties of my Dojo Rewards Menu that you can edit to fit your needs! The first version is a completely blank chart (except for title) where you can add your own text. The second version has the point values added in and all you have to do is add the reward to correspond with the value. 

If you are wondering, the font used on my original menu and used on the values on the editable file is from my all time favorite font artist (is that a thing?), Kimberly Geswein! It's called KG Miss Kindergarten and you can download it for free HERE

To download the editable file, click the picture above (you'll need PowerPoint to edit it)! I hope you LOVE it!!

I know it's been a long time since I've posted and I promise I have a lot of posts in the works that you are going to love!! Be on the lookout for more fun posts in the coming weeks!

Happy Back to School Season, y'all!!


  1. Happy Back to School Season, y'all!!

  2. Thank you for the Class Dojo Menu!! Super awesome!

  3. This is perfect for my class! Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for this; it is working wonders in my classroom! My students love using their Dojo Credit Card points to redeem rewards.