Monday, July 20, 2015

Must Have Monday!

Today I'm linking up with Freebielicious for Must Have Monday! We're sharing all of our "must haves" for the school year! And boy do I have some things that I just MUST HAVE!!!
Now let's get started.

First of all, please don't chase me out of town with pitchforks after you read this first one. I need my anchor chart markers. And guys, my go-to markers are NOT Mr. Sketch. *GASP!!!!!!* I know. I know. What is this teacher blasphemy?! A teacher that doesn't use Mr. Sketch?! Not a real teacher. Lord, I apologize. But these babies are my go-to anchor chart markers:
Sharpie's Flip Chart markers. I used to be a die-hard Mr. Sketch fan but then I used these at a professional development and I FELL IN LOVE, Y'ALL!! Why would you ever switch, you may be asking? Well, they don't bleed first and foremost. Every time I used Mr. Sketch markers, I had to have a scrap paper under my anchor chart because they always bled through! These ones never do! Also, I just love the tip on these so much more! I never could get the hang of the chisel tip. Don't worry though. I always buy a pack of Mr. Sketch because the kids love to use them when they write on the anchor charts. But for my own personal use, it's Sharpie Flip Chart Markers all the way. So sorry, not sorry, Mr. Sketch. We just had to break up.

Okay, moving on! My next "must have" is a heavy duty binder.
I use binders for EVERYTHING!!!! But my favorite binder by far is my Teacher Binder! I absolutely love it! It has all my important stuff in it! And I take it everywhere so it has to be tough. Any ol' binder just won't do! It has to be this Heavy Duty version. And y'all, you may think I'm prissy but it also needs to have this fancy easy-open opener (is that what it's called?). Trust me. It's amazing. I don't have to be the Hulk to open my binder! It's great!! I've got a post started to explain my teacher binder but I haven't finished it yet. But you can check out my Teacher Binder product HERE!

My next "must have" is sticky notes!
I always have to start the year with about a billion sticky notes because we use them ALL.THE.TIME! We use them when we read to jot down our thoughts. We use them for exit ticket questions. We use them for review games like THIS ONE. Seriously. I can't get enough. And neither can my students. Even the most mundane tasks become amazing when you are using sticky notes! The only thing I can't stand though is a sticky note that doesn't stick. Makes me sad. So I tend to stick to the name brand Post-Its #namebrandsnob #notashamed

And, finally, my last "must have" for the school SCENTSY!!!!
No, I don't sell Scentsy. I just love a classroom that smells FABULOUS! It is unbelievable how much a good smell can add to the ambiance in a classroom! I always make sure I have a yummy, warm scent going during Back to School Night so that parents and students feel welcomed and at-home in my classroom! I make sure I have a happy, uplifting scent going during my planned evaluations. Not only to keep me happy and calm but also because maybe it'll make my principal a little bit happier, too. HA! You know when else these scents come in handy? After recess at 2pm when it's 100 degrees outside and you have smelly third graders coming back into your room adding their own special aroma. Scentsy always masks the smell of sweat! LOVE IT! Can't go a school year without my Scentsy! 

Well there you have it, folks! My "must haves" for the school year! As long as I have these items, I'm one happy teacher! 

So what are your must haves? Make sure to head on over to Freebielicious and link-up!

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  1. I use Sharpie Flip chart markers too. I love them. Also have a Scentsy plug in going in my room at all times. Nothing like a pleasing scent to help create an optimal learning environment.