Monday, June 29, 2015

Camp GoNoodle!!

Today I'm linking up with Holly from Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections to talk about Camp GoNoodle!

If you're a teacher, you probably already know how AWESOME GoNoodle is!! I used GoNoodle in my class almost everyday to take a break and work out our wiggles (I saw "our" wiggles because I was always dancing right along with whatever brain break we were working on #noshame). 

Well now, GoNoodle has started an AWESOME program for the summer called Camp GoNoodle! This is great for parents who have their kids home and have run out of ideas of things to do! Your kiddos are sure to love it!!

Here's how it works:

First, you sign up for a FREE account HERE! Did I mention that this site is completely free?! YAY!

Every Monday, starting today, Camp GoNoodle will post five new adventures at These adventures are all about getting kids to use their imaginations, get moving, and get outside! They are fabulous and oh so fun! This week's camp theme is Friendship and here is an example of one of the activities:

Kids will also learn two new, fun camp songs every week! 

Kiddos can also earn badges for completing the week's adventures! Who doesn't love a badge?!

Now here a few of my favorite Camp GoNoodle-related things! Check it out!

Now hop on over to Camp GoNoodle and get started on the fun today!!!


  1. Thanks for linking up!!! I love seeing what everyone's summer FAVs are! {McPufferson is my favorite champ too!} I'm loving Friendship week at Camp GoNoodle....oh... and so are my kids! HA! We are already excited to see what next week will be!

  2. You just can't beat McPufferson!! He's so darn cute!!! Thanks for hosting this fun link-up!!

  3. Brainbreaks on steroids! Thanks for sharing!